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Good news for you guys !
your requests of being 8tut writers have been accepted .
please register an account on and inform us via the account then we set you as a writer .
You can post any kind of tutorials except these : political criticals, war, sexual , weeds/drugs, hating speech, violence topic , racist critiques , religious critiques
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Web Starter Kit (GitHub: google / web-starter-kit, License: Apache 2.0) from Google is a boilerplate for developing responsive websites. It supports multiple devices, has a gulp.js build script, and has support for synchronising pages across devices during testing.

If you’re a Node developer, then you might like the gulp.js-based environment. Typing gulp will build and optimise the current project, and gulp serve will run a server. There’s also gulp pagespeed that uses Google’s PageSpeed insights. Continue reading



Gifffer (GitHub: krasimir / gifffer, License: MIT) by Krasimir Tsonev is a small library for adding a play control to animated gifs. It works by drawing a play button over the image, and dynamically inserting an image element when play is clicked. To prevent the gif from playing when the page loads, the data-giffferattribute is used instead of the src attribute.

Krasimir has a blog with gifs that illustrate browser features, so he wanted to be able to handle playing gifs more elegantly than the default behaviour. Here’s an example: Gifffer example. You can click it to toggle playback. Continue reading



Cristiano Belloni has relaunched KievII Host as This is a web-based plugin-based audio application that supports hardware MIDI though Web MIDI, audio synthesis, sequencers, and lots of plugins.

The project has a blog with announcements about updates, plugins, and some technical background. The web interface is closed source, but the plugins Cristiano has written are open source. For example, hy-osc is an oscillator, andkmx is a mixer.

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